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Fingerprint Pro Use Cases

This website demonstrates various use cases for Fingerprint Pro — a device identity platform with 99.5% accuracy.

Each use case demo covers frontend and backend sample implementation with a persistent data layer. The open-source repository is available on GitHub.

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Coupon Fraud

While increased sales are good for your business, customers acting in bad faith can dry up available promotional campaign dollars by repeatedly using coupon codes. Preventing customers, either signed-in or guests, from abusing your coupons and promotions can help you prevent financial losses and increase sales.

Credential Stuffing

Protect your users and your business against Credential Stuffing and other account takeover attacks with the proposed approaches. At the same time, your legit users won’t experience any additional friction.

Loan Risk

Loan application protection is the practice of validating applications against prior submissions by users, either anonymous or authenticated. Essentially, it is to check for consistency between applications and ignore submissions from previously rejected applicants.

Payment Fraud

Identify anonymous visitors behind every transaction. Instantly recognize repeated card testing activity and link it to specific users. As a result, you will protect your users and your business against various payment frauds with the demonstrated approaches.


Provide limited access to your content and ensure that your users are not able to exceed it. Users won't be able to bypass it even by clearing cookies or switching to incognito mode.


Provide your users with a tailored experience without cookies. Demonstration of personalized content such as search history, customized user interface, or even a shopping cart.

Web scraping prevention

Protect your content from web scraping by reliably detecting bots and browser automation tools.